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Pork Reservation

Bradford Valley Farms

1 Half Pork Reservation | 1 1/2 Pork = $50.00 + $0.00 Assembly
1 Whole Pork | 50 Whole Pork Reservation = $50.00 + $0.00 Assembly

Our pastured pork will weigh approximately 200-240lbs lbs hanging weight. You will receive roughly 65% of that hanging weight back in meat. Which will yield you 65-90lbs of meat for a 1/2 and 130-155lbs of meat for a whole. You will end up receiving quite a bit more if you are a "nose to tail" eater, which we HIGHLY encourage you to be one!

How the process works:
1. You make your reservation with us that you would like to purchase a 1/2 pastured pork from us.
2. We haul your animal to the processor and give the butcher your phone number
3. The butcher will call you and walk you through the cut sheet. Even if you have never purchased a 1/2 pork before, do not be intimidated by this process. The butcher is a professional and will assist you in any and all questions you have.
4. Once the pork is finished, the butcher will call you to come pick up your pork(takes appx 2 weeks). You will get your pork and assure that all your cuts are correct, we then will call you and make sure you are happy with your final product. We will send an invoice after your receive your pork.

Our charges are currently $5.25/lb hanging weight. This includes butcher fees and transportation to the processor.

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